Leaflet Handed Out at SMIS Carnival 05/10/08

This year, 31 families from St. Mary’s united to sign a petition sent to St. Mary’s Administration to speak out for a Grade 3 teacher—who is suddenly being dismissed. This represented 100% of Ms. Tran’s current students’ 24 families, plus 7 more. They said about Ms. Tran:

“…we have been extremely happy with everything Ms. Tran has been doing to teach our children…we would appreciate a formal response from the school promptly.”
—from the petition of 3T parents

But, there has been NO prompt or formal response, explaining the school’s unfair practice of arbitrarily dismissing its teachers. The school has in place:

– No procedure of appeal prior to dismissal or non-renewal of any employee
– No documented standard evaluation of Ms. Tran
– No prompt or objective reasons given for dismissal
– No measurable or objective evidence of Ms. Tran EVER violating any of the 4 criteria for renewal—written in the school’s employment regulations
– No history of disciplinary action on Ms. Tran
– No regard for the recommendations issued by the Tokyo Government Labor Office regarding Power Harassment, in Ms. Tran’s case
– No regard for the strong test results of Ms. Tran’s students
– “No further discussion or negotiation” [ said by St. Mary’s administration, January 2008, regarding Ms. Tran’s case]
– No legitimate unemployment insurance
– No legitimate pension plan

AND they have IGNORED the reasonable demand of their PAYING CUSTOMERS to keep a successful, progressive teacher at St. Mary’s! Why? If the admin’s reasons are legitimate, they should be able to EXPLAIN IT!

Why is there a silent autocracy leading 1000 students?

St. Mary’s administration NEEDS TO RESPECT parents’ voices!


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