Leaflet Handed Out At Back-to-School Day 09/15/08

In the past 2 years, Ms. Tran has worked hard to make her 3rd Grade class at St. Mary’s interesting and fun for her students. She has invited successful alumni to speak in class, led fun large-scale community art projects, and encouraged creative presentation skills by putting hours of class pictures and movies on DVD on top of covering the curriculum properly.

But, Ms. Tran was fired. Ask around. What was the crime? Did she step on some toes when she complained that she was being harassed by certain administrators?

Can St. Mary’s afford to lose hard-working teachers for the sake of protecting the fragile egos of certain administrators? No! Good teachers are hard to find.

Please support Ms. Tran’s democratic right to peacefully air her viewpoint against the school’s unfair actions!

Louis Carlet, Deputy Secretary General of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo South (Representing Ms. Tran’s case) carlet@jca.apc.org TEL: 03-3434-0669

In light of this case, please consult the chain of command at St. Mary’s to find out if your hard-earned money guarantees your son a good teacher and good experience:

1. Mr. Kunihiko Takamichi, Business Manager and Legal Custodian of St. Mary’s;
2. Brother Marcel Lafrance (Provincial Superior in Canada) http://ficbrothers.org
…Maison Provinciale F.I.C.; 870, chemin de Saint-Jean; LA PRAIRIE Québec J5R 2L5
3. Brother Thomas Tremblay, Head of the School Corporation (including St. Mary’s) …
… Contact info on Head School’s website: http://www.seiko.ac.jp ; tremblay@seiko.ac.jp
4. Brother Michel Jutras, Headmaster at St. Mary’s; michelj@smis.ac.jp
5. Mr. Michael DiMuzio, elementary administrator at St. Mary’s; dimuziom@smis.ac.jp
6. Ms. Linda Wayne, administrator at St. Mary’s; lwayne@smis.ac.jp


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