December 18th Hearing: A Review

Last winter, the teacher had been given a 7-page list of “reasons” written by the administration as to why she was being dismissed. These were not given to her until the teacher had to actively press for them in collective bargaining with a labor union. She felt she was owed reasons to lose her livelihood. She categorically disputed everything that was listed that the school said made her unfit as a teacher, including: children rocking on their chairs, some children looking at their papers and not at her when she was explaining a test, that she did not ask the correct people for permission when she arranged for high school boys to coach soccer and basketball for her class .

However, for the hearing, St. Mary’s had furnished the teacher’s side with the statement that they had reduced their argument to one: that the teacher signed a one-year contract and should have had no expectations to further it.

At the hearing, St. Mary’s lawyer was told by the judge that simply dismissing someone without reason is not enough. That reasons will have to be given.

St. Mary’s also submitted 3 documents to support their case. All of them were in English. This being a Japanese court, as common sense would dictate, the judge said it was unacceptable and that a translation would have to be done and the papers were not received by the court.

The teacher’s side has asked the question of please explain the low turnover of teachers if it is a business that only cares to hire people on a 1-year basis.

Next court date is at the same place, February 4th, 2009 at 10:00 am.


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