April 23rd’s Court Hearing Review

Today, as previously promised, the school served papers to the teacher to sue her for living in her apartment.

At the court, the lawyers discussed the new possible case and decided to wait for decisions on either side to see if it should become a case at all.

The teacher lives in an apartment guaranteed by the school, she believed. She continues to pays rent, as she always has, every month by automatic bank deduction.

The school had decided to take over the rent payments a few months ago, on its own accord suddenly, but the teacher also continued to pay rent. Now, the school is suing the teacher saying that she owes the school money for rent. It is an interesting tactic because by taking over the rent in Setagaya-ku for 7 months, makes this a large sum of money.

The teacher will prove she willfully pays the rent, as she always has, every month, to the only party she owes money to: the owner.

In addition, she is preparing evidence to rebut the assertions of the last court date submitted by the school. (For the real case)

The teacher had expected that the school would do such a thing (sue her). 2 court dates ago, the school’s lawyer (there are 3, but they always send a young man), did his best “mean face” toward the teacher and told the judge in translation, that they were going to sue her for “squatting in their villa”.

Since the teacher started working at the school, she was told, in writing that she was the tenant. And as such, she has paid the rent, all the key money etc. But, for the school, they have always held the tenant position (on the official Japanese original of the contract, which they never show the teachers). By tying a teacher’s job to his/her home, it is easy to fire them and make them leave Japan without a struggle.

It is convenient to make the teacher lose her home because logically, this will make her life difficult and discourage her enough to leave Japan. The teacher may feel scared at the prospect of being sued and owing a lot of money that she probably does not have. As well, she may not have any friends who might be her guarantor for her next apartment. She would be homeless. All this would also possibly make her give up! In this way, it makes it possible for St. Mary’s to “win” this case, since their evidence otherwise is, well…

What will the teacher ever do?

The next court date is on May 28th, a Thursday, at 3:00pm at the same place.


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