July 2 Update:

The teacher has submitted a petition by 32 families, report cards written by all 51 of her students, over 2 years, emails and letters written by others which support what the teacher claims; as well, school-issued memos that support the teacher’s practices.

The school has submitted their list of witnesses for the testimony phase that will come later this year. The witnesses are 2 administrators.

The teacher will submit her list by September 4th.

The judge suggested that the teacher’s housing contract be made between her and the owner. St. Mary’s lawyer refused this suggestion saying that it that it was impossible (?) and insisted that she pays the school directly. Though, the teacher has always paid the owner directly. Since the teacher’s housing is tied to the job, there is some question as what to do before knowing the outcome of the employment case.

The next meeting is at 16:45 on July 28th in Kasumigaseki regarding the housing issue. And September 4th regarding the employment issue.



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2 responses to “July 2 Update:

  1. Brian Doyle

    I would be very interested in the outcomes of the hearings. I am being subjected to a similar dismissal without warning from K-International School. It appears some international schools feel immune from legal repercussion and are prepared to operate in an autocratic fashion and in contravention to current labor law. Obviously they fully expect fired teachers to simply return home without disputing their wrongful dismissal. I am hopeful that the newly elected DPJ will strengthen employees rights and make such dismissals punitive to the schools.

  2. concerned alumnus

    I agree with you Brian. I was mistreated by the school because I was not wealthy. At St. Mary’s you have to be wealthy in order to fit in. When I was physically abused by my Dad, I was told that I make my Dad look evil and that he really loves me. When I was sexually abused and bullied by my peers, I was told that I brought it on myself. There was an attempt to expell me from the school. However, a former provincial, who was on the faculty, was able to protect me. My sympathy for you Brian. You are in my prayers.

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