September 15th, 2009 Court Hearing Results

Today, the judge met independently first with the teacher’s side and then the school’s side to hear their acceptance / rejection of his recommendation.

After learning the two sides’ wishes, he met with the teacher’s side to say that the school is not willing to do much of what the judge has recommended. He said that it is clear that we shall continue with the case.

Testimonies will happen in about January 2010. Visitors and spectators are welcome to come (dates and places to be announced when known).

The testimonies will actually be a welcome, publicly-recorded phase of this court case (names, dates, words, everything) where the mysterious, elusive logic of why the two administrators decided to zero-in on this teacher to the point of dismissal will hopefully come to light. So far, the only logical (and acceptable) explanation would be that she was “a horrendously unfit teacher”. The judge has weighed the documentation for and against this claim already and has attempted to suggest a settlement based on it, to no avail.

Perhaps the teacher has another explanation of how this problem came to be, which she will gladly offer in her testimony. Good thing, she also kept the documentation of this from 2006.

The two administrators, until their testimonies in January 2010, will surely be rehearsing in front of the mirror; corroborating stories at closed-door meetings at school; and being extra-good Christians in case God is watching them.

And He always is, isn’t He?



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2 responses to “September 15th, 2009 Court Hearing Results

  1. Bea

    The following person wrote about a leaflet s/he received when the teacher and her union appeared at Back-to-School Day, Sept. 21, 2009, to hand out updated information about the court case she is undergoing with St. Mary’s administration:

    > Actually, I do not know anything about what happen back in July 2008, but yesterday while heading to St. Mary’s I got a paper in my hand, which I found extremely upsetting.

    Were you upset at the act of being handed a piece of paper, or do you mean its contents were upsetting? Or both? St. Mary’s might have some problems that it needs to address and fix. The same can be said about any institution and anything in life. I know the tuition is very expensive, which should guarantee a level of perfection, but I assure you, it does not. The act of handing out leaflets is a peaceful and legal form of demonstrating under Japan’s Trade Union Laws.

    > How are people suppose to consider this paper ?

    The paper simply invites you to be aware of a problem. St. Mary’s parents are highly-educated people. They are informed of all kinds of news and problems every day in their lives. They are critical thinkers and know what to do with this information they are given. Simply being aware is powerful in and of itself. It invites people to take notice of a situation that can worsen if hidden and kept secret. Some people will question, such as yourself, some will remember and watch, some will do nothing. Also, the paper indicates that the court case involving the school and its proceedings are officially public, which you should also be aware of.

    >second, I cannot say St.Mary’s is a school without a heart

    I think many people would agree with you. The heart and soul of the St. Mary’s community are the parents who volunteer thousands of hours every year, the bright students who come from top tier DNA and excel with their doting mothers, certain teachers and staff who truly care about the quality of the school, the Christian Brothers who founded the school on true educational principles etc. The current leadership of the school, in my humble opinion, needs to live up to those high standards instead of living off the glory of the school’s reputation from the past. I believe, especially in the sense of this Labor Dispute, the school is now missing the heart it once had and was famous for.

    > third, Miss Tran should be old enough and strong enough to fight for her own rights by herself;

    I shall pass on the message! Though, I do believe she has done a great deal by herself outside of the school community. She is also extremely grateful for the help she has received from within the school community, but she certainly never expects that people have to help if they don’t want to / can’t.

    >forth, there are many other reasons to fire a teacher besides being incompetent and/or horrible to the children;

    I agree. St. Mary’s administration has fired a teacher for speaking up about being harassed. This was the school’s unofficial reason, but it wasn’t a fair one. The official reason was that no teacher can expect to stay at St. Mary’s past their one-year contract. That reason is not fair either.

    >fifth, God is always watching …. both ways!!!

    I think God is omnipotent and watches all ways. I’m sure we are all certain of that.

    >This is not an apology for the school as I m not aware of the facts, but they way people were approached yesterday was really unappropriated.

    It was good of you to receive the piece of paper and to take more time to look into the links and to write a letter here. You might not be accustomed to seeing demonstrations. I know St. Mary’s is very expensive and prestigious etc. and you want to only focus on your son or sons on days like Sept. 21. But, I assure you that one of the best things to show children is peacefully enacting democratic principles of fairness in real situations. Real situations, solving real problems is helpful for anyone to learn about the real world.

  2. concerned alumnus

    The School did superbly until 1978 when Br. Michel Poitras resigned as high school principal. Then all was down hill since that time. The good teachers such as Mr. Paradis and Mr. Scripko were the ones who held the school together for the last 10 years after that time but both have moved on. I saw the decline in the 1980s with my own eyes. How sad.

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