Review of a School-side Testimony

The teacher sends her thanks to those who attended. The Curriculum Coordinator testified.

The teacher’s lawyer asked the Curriculum Coordinator many things and she said many things, careful not to perjure herself, but the teacher was avidly taking notes next to her lawyer. I guess we will know the results of that later.

Where do I start? I guess the highlight of the testimony was this: the lawyer asked why, if the teacher was deemed so unfit in her first year of teaching, would the school not fire her or at least change her position. The school’s witness explained that they were an honorable school and honored the 2 years they said they would hire her. Earlier, the witness explained that hiring an overseas teacher was really expensive for the school. So 2 years it was. (But that didn’t explain why the teacher was kept at exactly the same homeroom).

Of all things that were said, based on the school’s logic, this made me want to demand a refund for the students of the teacher’s 2nd year class. So: are there incompetent teachers at the school right now who need to go, but are staying on because the school wants to save some money?? How much in debt is the school to compromise on something so important?? Or…was the teacher kept on for a full second year because there really was no problem despite the admin’s claims and they wanted to dispose of her (because she was annoying them) after they broke even? It seems either the families/students are getting shafted or the teachers. (But, rest easy teachers, just name drop this case and consider yourselves safe). Parents: if the school is in debt, which is probable from having built the new site…get to know the compromises that are being made to cut corners. It might seem like just a year or two of your son’s life, but it is a YEAR or TWO of your son’s life! Every moment of good education counts!

There seemed to be no time for the the Business Manager’s testimony. Next one is the teacher herself on March 3rd at 1:30pm in the courtroom on the 6th floor, Room 606.



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4 responses to “Review of a School-side Testimony

  1. concerned alumnus

    That school has a way of sticking its foot in its mouth. When I was bullied by my peers, the school told my parents that it was my fault and that I had to undergo psychological evaluation. The psychologist ruled that the problem was that the school was acting inappropriately and that the problem was that the kids were being mean to me. This is so sad. The school ended up as the big loser in my case. They never were able to expell me because I just happened to have a trump card.

    A certain (now retired) teacher would cater to the wealthy upper class kids. It turned out that the school was going after me because my parents were not rich and elite like the other spoiled brats at the school were. I think that this law suit is a punishment for what the school did to so many former teachers and students.

  2. Miyake

    ASIJ had a long drawn out fight over illegal retirement changes–with similar lying on the part of the board/administration. That went through 10 danko meetings and arbitration in Tokyo city office building–not to court.

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  4. R. F. Thurlough

    The Fat lady still cannot sing. She should be fired. What a loser.

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