Last minute thoughts

Last minute room change: courtroom 603, not 606.

The teacher is excited about testifying in court! This fantastic opportunity is a testament to a strong judicial system in Japan that allows any individual to have their day (or 2 years) in court with anybody.

Many people around the world fight to the death for such an opportunity over much worse circumstances. This whole case can be classified under “administrative skirmish” in comparison. It would be a waste and an insult to the justice seekers in the world NOT to solve problems when civilized means are at hand. So, the teacher is very happy about this opportunity.

She wishes her former students could take a field trip today! That would be REAL education!

Stay tuned. I’ll take notes as she talks. Also, the school’s Business Manager will testify.



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5 responses to “Last minute thoughts

  1. concerned alumnus

    Hal Lindsey once wrote the _Late Great Planet Earth_ about 25 years ago. On that note, someone should write a book called _The Late Great School St. Mary’s_. A former teacher once told me, “Had you been but 10 years older, you would have gone to a superb school and graduated from a school that lived up to its reputation.”

    • Miyake

      I think the same can be said about a number of the old international schools in Kanto

      • concerned alumnus

        Actually, it has been said that ASIJ has a better reputation than St. Mary’s. I heard that St. Maur is doing better than St. Mary’s too. St. Mary’s used to be a superb school. Now there are too many problems. I did hear that bullying has gotten out of control. There was an incident when a student was forcibly taken off campus, by his peers, to the Tama River and beaten up to the point of near death. I heard that the bullies were never disciplined but the victim was disciplined for being a disruption. How sad!!!!

        I myself had to go through psychiatric evaluation because I was bullied. The doctors sided with me and a certain lay teacher (just recently retired) who was a corrupt power that be at the school, lost his bid to have me expelled. I was protected by a brother (now deceased) who was the assistant provincial at the time St. Mary’s was founded. He was the provincial superior of the brothers and my catechism teacher.

        I weep for my alma mater and pray for the school to recover.

  2. persons

    I was seeing this case since first court began. This teacher, Ms. Tran is honest also brave. How many teachers want to claim about school? Most of teachers just keep closing their mouth because they don’t want to be in a trouble…

    This school has some problems; dismissal, unfair, bullying, harassment, sexual problem and more.

    One day, some people saw a few teachers were riding bicycle drinking beer near the school… Common sense is lacked as adults. Parents have to pay big tuition for non-sense-action?

    Before protecting and trying to show THEIR INNOCENCE, school should educate those people because school is hiring them.

    St. Mary’s has a history as a Catholic school, was not like cold place. Hope school will try hard to recover as a great school, especially administrators will do.

  3. concerned alumnus

    I can attest to the sexual problems as I noticed that there were too many gay students when I was at the school. They used to make sexual advances towards me. I refused and was bullied as a result. The school has been in decline since 1978. That was the year that the school abandonned its Catholic identity and is now a secular school. I have personally abandonned all hope for the school.

    The school needs to have a miracle as seen with the Franciscan University of Steubenville. That university was in decline and a party school until Fr. Michael Scanlan became President of the university and enacted emergency measures. This happened in 1978. Then the university surged. It is now the most popular Catholic University among conservative Catholics. Morals are at a high. 100% of the student body goes to Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation. About 85% go to mass on weekdays. Under Fr. Scanlan, the college became a university. There are now online programs. Conferences are held at the university during the summer months. I visited the university and was impressed.

    I do not know if St. Mary’s can recover in such a way. Only Br. Charles Desjarlais, a former assistant elementary school principal and former high school principal can revive St. Mary’s. Unfortunately, he was the type who was quick to go after problems and resolve them. He was a thorn in the side of the administration. It was fortunate and unfortuante that the Brothers had Br. Charles transfered to the Philippines; he is now the headmaster of the Brothers’ school there and the school is prospering under his leadership. If the brothers were to make him headmaster of St. Mary’s, the school will reform; unfortunately, this will not happen anytime soon. I wish that Br. Charles would be the new headmaster. I even recommended this to the Provincial in Quebec.

    What St. Mary’s needs is the same miracle that happened at the Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.

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