This just in!

Today, the teacher met with the school’s principal and business manager for what was supposed to be a final court meeting.

It was a good thing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were left back at base camp. Though it is always fun to see them, weeble-wobbling down a hallway.

But what am I saying? The small-stuffy-room meetings had no room for me either! I have gotten my information downstream…

But, I’m such a discerning listener! This is what I’ve learned 🙂

So, the judge meets with each side individually to hammer out details. The other side has to wait outside the room. Good thing the teacher brought snacks and a friend to chat with for almost 3 hours!

The teacher and the school are trying to come up with something that would sound dignified for all those involved. This is important in a settlement, especially for the party that needs to save face the most (that’s what settlements are all about).

But I say,

No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig…


How much rouge you put on a corpse…

Pigs will always be pigs. However, death with some make-up can make it seem more pleasant for onlookers…but, it’s still…dead.

Both sides will translate something into English and then have to agree on a translation. So, there is, yet ANOTHER court date: April 15th.

Anyway, **!!! I heard that the teacher is double-checking her email list. If you have updated your email recently and / or as a supporting parent / student / teacher are interested in being included on the teacher’s updated list of supporting parent / student / teachers, don’t hesitate to be included!!


You can send your email address here whenever you write a comment (you can just write a short comment, that I won’t post if you don’t want). Your email will be anonymous to the public, but I can see it. I will pass it on to her! I’m sure she is smart enough to BCC you in mass emails.So, I wonder if this has been meaningful to the teacher? Was the whole process the thing that was meaningful–3.5 years of dealing with these people/multi-celled organisms? Or does it all come down to one final moment, one settlement, one piece of paper?

In the words of LL Cool J: “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” 🙂



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6 responses to “This just in!

  1. Robato

    Would you mind to include me on the teacher’s e-mail list? I’m interested in being updated, especially since a settlement seems to have been reached. Thanks for the work you put into this blog and congratulations to Ms. Tran!

    • stmaryslabordispute

      OK! I see it. We’re patiently waiting. And I appreciate your support about the blog. In fact, it seems necessary to keep it up until we see REAL changes within St. Mary’s. I don’t think it’s understood that parents, alumni and even the high school students are watching this–not necessarily with pathos for Ms. Tran, who can obviously take care of herself just fine–I think the interest is essentially in seeing how the school has handled this. Progressively at last? Pathologically at best? These are the best years of our boys’ lives. There might have been a settlement in Ms. Tran’s case. But that doesn’t settle things about how the school is run, with the ultimate litmus test having been Ms. Tran’s case. We have a stake in this.

  2. another concerned alumnus

    There was a brother who was a 6th grade teacher until 1980. He would take the 6th graders to KEEP, a camp near Lake Iwanashiro, each year. He would then teach sex ed at the camp. Then he would call certain kids for a private conversation….

  3. another concerned alumnus

    The Archbishop of Tokyo can be reached at:

    Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada
    Archbishop of Tokyo
    3-15-16 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, 112-0014 TOKYO

    Tel: 03-3943-2301 Fax:03-3944-8511 E-mail

  4. another concerned alumnus

    Br. Robert Smyth can be reached at
    850, Chemin Sault-St-Louis
    La Prairie, QC, Canada J5R 1E1
    Télécopieur: 450-659-9812
    Téléphone: 450-659-6826

  5. another concerned alumnus

    You can contact Br. Guy Morisette at:


    postal address:
    Seiko Gakuin
    1, Takinoue, Naka-ku
    Yokohama 231-0837, Japan

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