The historic signing of papers finally happened today!! Stubbornness finally caved.  So, while I assume the teacher is out to celebrate, I at least squeezed out an inventory list!

1. Meeting so many amazing people along the way who understand exactly why you must do something. Check.
2. Witnessing the magical helpful spirit of Japanese friends who translated hundreds of documents within days. Check.
3. MAKING the other side listen and LOOK at evidence–in Collective Bargaining, in court. Check.
4. Believing in self-determination and seeing it realized. Check.
5. Dragging the other side through years of time-loss, expense, publicity. Check.
6. 11,000 audited hits and counting. Check.
7. Being recognized by alumni and students who follow this thing in other parts of the world. Check.
8. Making a lasting impression. Check.
9. Learning from every moment. Check.
10. Getting to know the lovely maternal and paternal spirit of so many parents at St. Mary’s. Check.
11. Wiping the other side’s smugness up with the mop they gave you. Check!
12. Seeing karmic retribution kick BUTTS. (Though they [ahem] were rather hard to miss). Check and Check!

…And although Richard Dawkins is right…I can’t help but say, God IS watching! The Old and New Testament God! And I like how He rolls His eyes at certain people, or at least pretends to sleep when they ask Him for things they don’t deserve. 😛 Awesome.

Woohoo!!! Stay tuned for more posts. I ‘ve wanted to post a few more things…I’ll get my act together soon!



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11 responses to “Woohoo!!!

  1. Concerned Alumnus

    Gosh, this one has been going on for a very long time. I just hope and pray that the outcome will not be too bloody. A win will be a morale boost for the many former teachers and alumni who have been hurt by the school administration.

  2. Stills&Nash

    Yes, this was never about money.

  3. Robato

    I’m glad to read that a settlement was reached, and from what has been posted, it seems to have gone in favour of the teacher. However, what was the teacher actually awarded in the settlement if she wasn’t suing for money? Is one of the conditions of the settlement that the actual terms of the settlement can not be made public? It would be a shame after all the teacher went through if St. Mary’s were able to avoid publicly acknowledging any wrongdoing. Most importantly, the teacher deserves a personal apology and some kind of compensation from St Mary’s. At the same time, however, for those of us who have been following this blog, and for the public record in general, it would be nice to know if according to the terms of the settlement, St. Mary’s acknowledges the teacher’s claims against them (power harassment and unfair dimissal), and if so, how the school is being held accountable/punished/penalized.

  4. The Settlement

    Settlements in Japan always mean money. It’s interesting that the school had refused to settle last August, but the teacher had been open to it. When the settlement didn’t look good for them, they must have realized what losing would look like. So, since then, they’ve been trying to redeem their case through submitting papers whipped up in 2009 and through testimonies. I guess that didn’t work either, because the judge recommended another settlement after all that and the school accepted it.

    I don’t think the teacher sued for power harassment. She did for unfair dismissal. So, if Ms. Tran won through a judgment (not settlement), she would have gotten her job at St. Mary’s back. Not sure that would have been good for her. Though no doubt, she would rock it. I don’t think Ms. Tran is the kind of character that would settle for something unmeaningful or unauthentic. She took on this school single-handedly for years. Also, in a settlement, usually no party is allowed to discuss the terms publicly. But, clearly, Ms. Tran would not let such a loose end go untied. She has worked hard to make known this case to the school community to establish a public record.

    Anyway, I’m included among the email addresses. I’m waiting to see what that means!! I think they signed off 2 days ago. There is probably final hanko-ing going on. I know that when I receive whatever it is by email, I will share it with the school community far and wide as a free member of society. This needs to be known and remembered. And if the administration has any sense of social skills, they will address it with us. Or is it just the White Elephant in the room again? The Parent Faculty Association is not effective, and everyone knows it. We need a change. I can’t stand another year of any of our parents being these politically correct free-of-charge secretaries for the Brothers. We need to do something as parents to make the school more progressive. (And we need to audit that “school in the Philippines” we keep sinking our donations into! Hello!)

    It’s interesting that this website is being targeted at the end of the case by the school.

  5. concerned alumnus

    Many congratulations to the school and to Ms. Tran for the settlement. I hope that the school will move on and improve to the way the school was when Br. Michel Poitras was Principal of the high school.

  6. I do recommend this website for a college that has been on the upswing since 1973 (unlike St. Mary’s that has been on the decline since 1978).

  7. Fellow Traveller

    Dear Ms. Tran,
    Congratulations on your inspirational fight. I found out about your struggle by serendipitous chance, and it looks like I`m in a similar situation with my school. I would really appreciate your advice- please get in touch.

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