We’re Baa-ack in 2013! Shocking Zombie News & a Quiz

Or should I say, shocking “Bully” news?

Hi There!  It’s near the end of 2013.  You’ll not believe what I have to write.

Since the 2010 settlement between Ms. Tran and the school, as an insider at the school and supporter of what Ms. Tran was doing, I was asked to stop blogging about this “dead” issue.  The school was itchy about this blog being up and had agreed to give her a letter of reference if I stopped.  Though Ms. Tran had no control over the blog, in order to facilitate the signing of a confidentiality agreement, and an agreement to a settlement sum…and, because I didn’t want to interfere with her chances of becoming a Japanese millionaire (ha), I conceded.

But what restraint it has been!  Because a “dead” issue IT WAS NOT!!!  Would you believe they have been in COURT all this time?!  The teacher had found out, in a rare interception of an email, that an administrator at the school had been trying to ruin her chances of working within the university system after she left St. Mary’s.  (“A school with a heart”.  Really.)  Although the school corporation had signed a confidentiality agreement in settling the case where Ms. Tran sued them, it appeared that one of their top admin, a woman heavily involved in the case, felt it necessary to badmouth Ms. Tran after the settlement, using her position in the school and inside knowledge of the case as credentials, to a 3rd party.  Of course, she told the story of the settlement a way that was highly unfavourable to Ms. Tran (and highly favourable to the school—can you imagine Ms. Tran signing a settlement that sounded like that?!).  Anyway, the admin had hoped to do it “confidentially”.  But, too bad it got out, which surely was an embarrassment the school and its heroine administrator.  So, Ms. Tran, using her special “St. Mary’s fund”, decided to take them back into court for breach of the settlement terms–and to find out, actually, who it was that would be so petty and evil.  Who at St. Mary’s International School allowed this bullying to continue?  Ms. Tran had zero tolerance with bullying among her students.  She certainly wasn’t going to take this without saying something.  Thus, this case was revived, like a zombie!

If you are a member of the school community and always had a paranoia about whether the administrators would be the petty and evil sort if it really came down to dealing with a teacher or parent who crossed them, let this upcoming story tell you a story of…well, pettiness and evil.

I have a LOT of reading, fact-checking and catching up to do before I write again.  It will be soon.  Cuz it would be FUN to name names, wouldn’t it?

Now, here’s an interesting question: what sort of connections or tactics do you think the school would have to ruin a teacher’s name?  On what scale do they work?

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 2.52.39 AM

Wow, there’s a book for everything!



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2 responses to “We’re Baa-ack in 2013! Shocking Zombie News & a Quiz

  1. concerned alumnus

    The school had done so much damage. They made life miserable for me by allowing false rumors to circulate. Yet they told me to ignore them and the bullying and harassment will go away; it never did no matter how hard I ignored them. I cannot believe that they never gave up on Genevive Tran. Why can’t the school just move on???

    They never gave up on making my life miserable. If an alumnus complains about what happened, the alumnus is shunned from the rest of the alumni association, as I have.

    Ms. Tran should sue for malicious defamation of character. She has a strong case that will be a certainty to win in the US or Canada. I do not know how it will work in Japan. What the school is consistently guilty of is punishing a whistle blower.

    Some teachers will try to protect the school and lie about reality; however, they are living falsehoods and are out of touch with reality.

  2. concerned alumnus

    I think that it is too bad that Br. Charles Milot is no longer around. He was the high school Principal and assistant Headmaster of St. Mary’s during the golden years of the school. Where is he when we need him the most?? He left St. Mary’s the year that the current Headmaster graduated from the high school.

    Superb teachers like Mr. Scripko (former Br. Robert), Mr. Ed Paradis, and Mr. Marsh Warfield are no longer around. There were good administrators who tried to turn the school back around; they were Br. Charles Desjarlais, Mr. Harold Fleetham, and Fr. Matthew Ehmke. It is too bad that those 3 high school Principals resigned because of mistreatment by a certain lay administrator who is corrupt and was in his job for too long. I knew those 3 high school Principals and had a good rapport with them.

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