The Statistics Behind Our Blog: Thank you!

Thank you, to our readers!  You have taken an interest, given us feedback and made us feel that this issue is being discussed.  That’s all we’ve wanted.

As you know, the bloggers who have contributed in writing and translating here, have done so to help readers learn how to navigate a system that is designed to keep an individual quiet, stop  progress and discourage speaking up when something is wrong.  It was, in particular, illustrated by Ms. Tran’s case and how she’s fought back.    Most of us have been direct members of the school community, which deals with so many children and vulnerable families that can’t afford to have a bad experience with St. Mary’s.  In discussing Ms. Tran’s case, we hope that the school will think twice about treating any individual like this again.

We thought you might be interested in the statistics that you have generated over time.  As writers, we are not counted if we log in as writers (and we try not to be).

1. Over the months, even when there was no activity from us (we resumed recently from an over-3-year hiatus, in October 2013), this blog seemed to sustain interest and stand as a resource for people to learn about this case at St. Mary’s.  At the end of 2012, WordPress, the host of this blog, showed us that, on average, visitors come to view multiple blog posts:

Stats by month

2. More recent stats show, for example, in the past 90 days, links from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were among sources that drove our traffic:

Referrers 90 day stats

3.  Since “Search Engines” were the strongest source of traffic, we wondered what were some of the terms people searched?  It turns out, some people search specifically for Ms. Tran and this story, about Linda Wayne, and even now for Gregory Strong at Aoyama University.  A candidate teacher searched for vacancies at St. Mary’s International School.  And people look for advice about labor disputes in Japan:

search terms stats 30 days

4. In the past month, it was no surprise that people read our most recent posts.  But they also seemed to dig through the archives too:

Content 30 day stats

5. Our FAVORITE stats is this one: our blog is being read all over the world!! (The view allowed as far back as February of 2012):

Stats by country since Feb 2012

So, thank you.  And please continue to share this story with readers you think would be interested.  The shortlink to our home page is .




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2 responses to “The Statistics Behind Our Blog: Thank you!

  1. Rob

    Sorry. Not sure if you received my previous comment, so I’ll ask again. Does this mean that it’s over and Ms. Tran has decided no to proceed with a defamation case agains Gregory Strong and/or Linda Wayne? I’m hoping she will continue to fight.

    • stmaryslabordispute

      Hi, I responded in the comments in Part 3 (last blog post). Thanks for your interest! Maybe click on its title to see it as a unique blogpost, and then “Jump to comments”

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