Lawsuit Against Gregory Strong, Professor of English at Aoyama Gakuin University

Despite our informal poll earlier showing that people figure BOTH Linda Wayne and Gregory Strong were culpable in defaming Ms. Tran, it’s been confirmed that Ms. Tran will be suing Gregory Strong through the Yokohama District Court–the first court date is in 2 days: January 8, 2014.  The case will be for defamation that originated from a conversation he testified to have had with Linda Wayne, and was reported to Ms. Tran’s employer in an email, in a way that sought to denigrate her professionally.  Following the “logic” of the courts, if St. Mary’s International School and Linda Wayne (and in fact Gregory Strong himself) were eager in defense mode to alleviate the school of any official association with that email, it leaves Gregory Strong himself responsible for what he wrote.

Ms. Tran has learned from St. Mary’s teachers that Linda Wayne will be leaving St. Mary’s at the end of the school year, and probably Japan.  Her fateful conversation with Gregory Strong, speaking on behalf of the school as one of its admin, leading to this defamation suit will be something she has left behind for her friend Gregory Strong.  What a way to cap off a 20+ year friendship in Asia!  Something actually fitting for Linda Wayne and Gregory Strong and their idea of relating to people.  They had wanted to spread the word about Ms. Tran.  Well, they got what they wanted.

What will Ms. Linda Wayne do?  The hope is any profession that has to do with people and social skills will be spared.  A consultant for school accreditation?  Supply teaching?  Will she have new coworkers or new neighbors?  Probably.  I hope they use Google.  Her husband Joe was a nice guy–if he’s well now, maybe he can represent them to new folk.

[Update January 20: it has been suggested that Linda Wayne, who is not at retirement age, is being asked to finish her tenure at the school.  2013 ended two major uses the school corporation had for Wayne:  

1. Undoubtedly, she has had to answer to the litigation against the school sparked by her friend Gregory Strong, who had cited her office at the school as the source of defamatory remarks.  The school’s successful downloading of all the responsibility on Strong himself likely did not mitigate the fact that the poor choice of having communicated sensitive issues to such an indiscreet person put the school at risk and cost them unnecessary legal expenses in three levels of court.

2.  The school, as per usual, also depended on Wayne, as the Curriculum Coordinator, to see through another accreditation process.  

Since the corporation has finished squeezing both responsibilities out of her, it’s curtains, is it?]

The fact that Ms. Tran is pursuing litigation from overseas can cause the other side and the courts to doubt the sincerity and authenticity of the claim–after all, it will cost Gregory Strong lawyer fees to defend himself and an overseas’ plaintiff could drop the case without recourse.  To that end, Japanese courts have a provision that may require Ms. Tran to post a type of deposit to ensure that she is not taking this lightly.  I’m sure Ms. Tran will not hesitate to wire that amount over.  [But FYI, the yen is sure to tank against CAD / USD…]

OK, that’s all we’ve found out for now and we are sure of its accuracy.  Thought I’d share 🙂



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2 responses to “Lawsuit Against Gregory Strong, Professor of English at Aoyama Gakuin University

  1. concerned alumnus

    Wow, St. Mary’s thinks that they can have a final word!!!
    Linda Wayne is leaving Japan! Is she doing that to run away from a possible lawsuit? I wonder if she moved to Japan because she wanted to do things that she thought that she can get away with in Japan… she knew she cannot get away with it in the US.
    I did hear from one of my former teachers that Linda Wayne has a tendency to be overbearing. That is poor social skills in the USA, her home country.

    So many times, I notice that many St. Mary’s alumni tend to live in their own world and have poor social skills. They tend to have friends who went to high school with them for the rest of their lives; they are cliquish and have no other friends! Other alumni from St. Mary’s years; we agree that the school does a poor job at teaching students good social skills and preparing one for life outside of St. Mary’s.

    All I can say to Linda Wayne is that she will never be the superb teacher we had with Mr. Robert Sripko (former Br. Robert), Mr. Ed Paradis, Mr. Marsh Warfield, Br. Julien Lesieur, Br. Fernand Descoteaux, Br. Andre Poisson, Br. Jean-Marie Trudel, Br. Jules Gervais, Sr. Frances Miller, Sr. Mary Jo, or Mrs. Carol Melby. She will never be the superb administrator that we saw with Br. Charles Milot, Br. Charles Desjarlais, Mr. Harold Fleetham, and Fr. Matthew Ehmke. These were the cream of the crop faculty.

    • Joe Smith

      I beg to differ with your last paragraph. There are so many more wonderful teachers since the times of the past that you listed above.

      Many of them, and many still will make a difference in the life of the young men that graduate.

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