UPDATE: Long Career for Child Rapists at ASIJ & St. Mary’s International School

[Update May 4, 2015: If you haven’t been reading Sylvia MacEachern’s encyclopedic blog exposing the Canadian Catholic church’s piss-poor protection of children from sexual abuse, there is much more there that SMIS victims are sharing.  The latest is an email from Brother Raymond Ducharme who is trying to get a victim to cut some slack for his rapist Brother Lawrence who had to take a tough vow of chastity, for chrissakes! (deep sarcasm)  It shows how self-referential, insular and possibly sociopathic the people who run St. Mary’s are. Ducharme does not think like a parent protecting a child, nor does he empathize with a vulnerable child being grossly violated by a trusted figure, nor can he express disgust like a regular person at the situation–let alone call the police.  

When thinking of that moment of rape, Ducharme shows he can only imagine how difficult it probably was for Brother Lawrence to keep his nasty dick in his pants, what with his lot having to forgo women, Japanese porn, “deal with the internet” etc!  Now, we can clearly see that St. Mary’s International School has been hiding behind the hetero-normative facade and rationale of an “all boys school”.  Problem solved: no temptation there.  None at all.  The boys of St. Mary’s have been the perfect cover for this den of vipers.  The best line was: “I think that there is a potential abuser in every person. Some people deal well with that problem, others don’t”.  (How about NOT allowing the ones that clearly don’t be Elementary Principal of a school full of children, you know, just in case!)  Just who is Ducharme referring to when talking about potential abusers?  Himself?  Other Brothers??  How many?  How common a trait “potential abuser” must be in Ducharme’s experience at SMIS to refer to it like eye-color: some have blue eyes, others don’t.  This asshole indulges his philosophy of merely errant men, instead of realizing the SERIOUS business of the school as legal protectors and educators, Locus Parentis, of children–and charging tons of money for it.  For $%^&* sake!!]

It’s been an interesting week reading the newspaper.  We found that our blog post from last week was duly corroborated point-by-point in the official media!

(Today) April 29, 2015 – The Japan Times officially releases an article detailing information surrounding the circumstances of rape that happened to the former St. Mary’s International School student 50 years ago.   Those calculating, psychopathic Brothers have known all along and have just sought to play out the erasure of community and corporate memory to bring back their rapist to several campuses and act like nothing wrong has happened. (Click on the article by Simon Scott, to read):

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.38.34 AM

  • Brother Lawrence’s contemporaries, including Headmasters who served into recent times, knew of the case 50 years ago, and knew of Brother Lawrence’s serious expulsion, yet they obviously brought him back to Japan just a couple of years later and even eventually installed him as Elementary Principal, leader of children (when the memory of the community was erased)
  • The Australian Embassy knew at the time
  • A doctor in Tokyo knew at the time
  • The “punishment” of (i.e. excuse to rape) the child was, in all probability, a planned routine of the Brothers to be done to the children in their charge!
  • 50 years ago Brother Lawrence threatened to rape the victim’s younger brother if he told anybody; today the school threatens a lawsuit if the victim tells anybody
  • Turns out, St. Mary’s has hired professional crisis managers, not “independent investigators”.  When asked to comment, these folks suddenly have nothing to say about this serious matter regarding children that their gilded brains and moral hearts have previously, “independently” championed (can there BE any worse examples of independent investigators?? what asshats!!)
  • Brother Lawrence lived and worked among Japanese children, who may have been preyed upon as well

April 24, 2015 – The Japan Times releases an article about the 13 women who have taken a stand against ASIJ admin.  The school has not released a report about decades of sexual abuse, presumably due to the overwhelming, damning evidence of their piss-poor standard of protecting children and even their passive complicity with the criminal, for the sake of upholding the school’s reputation.  (Click on the article by Tomohiro Osaki, to read:)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.01.11 AM

  • ASIJ admin have known since 1968 about these sexual abuse cases by a member of their staff
  • at least 48 cases have been reported, yet nothing was ever done
  • an untold number of Japanese students may have been victimized as well during Jack Moyer’s 1987-2003 island camps (=15 years of seclusion with children, away from parents and authority–like that ever made a difference)

You already know our major side-eye to the idea of even holding our breaths for these “independent investigation” reports to come out.

These twin articles brought to mind an issue that we have NOT dealt with well enough during the reporting of this:

The untold damage to Japanese children that these rapists, and their complicit employers must have inflicted.

Japan has been a hugely generous and gracious host country for these corporations–allowing them to flourish and reap trillions of yen in tuition over the years, literally enriching the lives of admin and teachers.  The idea that these admin; these supposed “stewards” of goodwill enabled the debasement of children, in a country with much less wherewithal and agency than even our vulnerable children, to speak up against this type of abuse, is nauseating.

But this is what St. Mary’s International School and the American School in Japan have done.  Furthermore, these schools are hiding much more.  We need to realize that the ONLY reason we know this much is because of the brave survivors who have come forward!  It is NOT to the credit of these schools to have done anything proactive.  They have been circuitously finding ways to stall, cover their asses, and only speak when absolutely forced to.  With decades-long cultures of enabling we can be sure there are MORE perpetrators and MORE victims. They must each, every one of these admin and teachers who have FAILED to speak up when they knew wrong was happening (including NOW), be held accountable.



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3 responses to “UPDATE: Long Career for Child Rapists at ASIJ & St. Mary’s International School


    Why are the following still permitted to remain in positions of power:

    Brother Raymond DUCHARME (Vice Provincial Asia/ Japan)
    Saburo KAGEI (Headmaster SMIS)
    Brother Michel JUTRAS (Chairman on the SMIS School Corporation)
    Archbishop of Tokyo Peter OKADA

    These enablers need to immediately STAND DOWN.

    Their supporters over the recent sex scandal need to eat humble pie and admit they were supporting paedophiles and enablers who have been caught out big time (Brothers Raymond DUCHARME and Michel JUTRAS, Saburo KAGEI and of course the Archbishop of Tokyo Peter OKADA (who if the Vatican is genuine about addressing child abuse can never be appointed Cardinal).

  2. Sylvia does it again

    I have to say that Sylvia would be a good detective of private investigator. She just published another long post.

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