Freedom of Speech

Ms. Tran’s first case with St. Mary’s International School settled in May 2010 where the school agreed to re-issue a letter of recommendation, in exchange for this blog to shut down.  They had accused Ms. Tran of running this blog, and defaming the school, none of which was provable and therefore not something a judge could actually rule on.  But, we felt badly for Ms. Tran and wanted to help the case to come to an end.  At the time, we agreed to stop updating at least and held true for 3 years after the settlement.  Until of course, we learned that St. Mary’s admin had been falsely denigrating Ms. Tran’s teaching record to others in the Tokyo-area teaching industry behind closed doors, trying to stop Ms. Tran’s employment beyond St. Mary’s.  It figures that the school would want it all ways in their favor.

So, with that breach, a second case was brought on by Ms. Tran to prevent the a-holes from thinking they could do as they pleased.  We were happy to update, once again.

Throughout the first and second cases, the school had unsuccessfully tried to take up issue with this blog, combing it for reasons to counter-sue.  They’ve woven their complaints in their court statements to presiding judges both times, though it has never been shown how this blog had actually strayed from statements of fact.

So, it is much thanks to the school and its legal team for pushing the blog hits up high in the early days to make it onto Google’s search for the school name!  Because the blog takes an uncharitable tone with the school, we guess that the admin wants to confuse that for lying about the school or defaming it.  Sometimes, the truth hurts more.  Stating facts about the case and about the sequence of events, however unfavorable, is not a punishable offence.  It’s called freedom of speech.  We are grateful that WordPress, the host of this blog, has no intention of silencing us or unnecessarily revealing our identities 🙂




5 responses to “Freedom of Speech

  1. Miyake

    Keep up the good work

  2. stmaryslabordispute

    I dedicate this page to you! Half the hits on this site I’m sure come about every day by certain someones hoping to find something slanderous.

    Don’t worry, no one will find anything 😉 Don’t think of me as the thorn in your side. Rather the rose behind your ear.


    The colossally poor judgment exercised in the Elementary School in 2006 against Ms. Tran needs to be remembered here. R.I.P.

  3. concerned alumnus

    The school does not uphold nor follow the law. The school will have to learn that an international school is not above the law.

  4. concerned alumnus

    Ephesians 5:11-14;
    “Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them, for it is shameful even to mention the things done by them in secret; but everything exposed by the light becomes visible…” That is what this site is all about.

  5. Mike G

    Freedom of speech? In Japan? I often wonder if the people who work for the International companies are forgetting the fact, that even though your company or school is located in this country, that the laws of your home country still remain on the outside. We can’t expect to bring the freedoms we enjoy at home with us when we go abroad, and therefore, whether we like it or not, we have to abide by the laws that are in place here. If you’re looking to push for social or legal change, then your voice must be much louder than this, and drastic measures are required. But don’t look to the Japanese for assistance or sympathy. The majority of Japanese are completely unwilling to stand up to their superiors and Japan as a nation, is resistent towards change.

    But I wish you all the best with this fight. Although, I think this fight only touches slightly on a very large issue in this country, which is worker’s rights. It’s an issue that the Japanese are unwilling to fight for on their own, for fear of losing their jobs. Fear keeps the masses in check in Japan…. that has always been the way of things here. So you’ve really got you work cut out for you if you intend to change something. I think it’s nearly impossible but if there is someway I can help, by all means, let me know.


    Mike G

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