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Leaflet Handed Out During SMIS Accreditors’ Welcome Dinner 04/27/08

St. Mary’s teachers’ jobs are permanent by nature, but we are subjected to sign one-year contracts annually, which offer no job security whatsoever. This keeps the population of teachers at the mercy of the administration’s whims. We don’t speak up. We CAN’T speak up—for fear of losing our jobs! No wonder, after a 54-year history of the school, we report that,

“academic staff has very limited input on school
—CIS/WASC Self-Study Report, 2008.

Why should ANY teacher have to endure what Ms. Tran has? She has been dismissed—by St. Mary’s administration, who gave:

– No procedure of appeal prior to dismissal or non-renewal [CIS / WASC Staff Standard 5]
– No documented standard evaluation
– No prompt or objective reasons given for dismissal
– No measurable or objective evidence of Ms. Tran EVER violating any of the 4 criteria for renewal—written in the school’s employment regulations
– No history of disciplinary action on Ms. Tran
– No regard for the recommendations issued by the Tokyo Government Labor Office regarding Power Harassment, in Ms. Tran’s case
– No regard for the strong test results of Ms. Tran’s students
– No response to the 100% endorsed petition of the parents of Ms. Tran’s students to overturn the non-renewal
– No response to parents who have emailed and asked to meet with the administration about Ms. Tran’s case
– No unemployment insurance
– No legitimate pension or health insurance

How could this happen at our school??

St. Mary’s administration NEEDS TO RESPECT teachers’ rights!


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