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UPDATE: Long Career for Child Rapists at ASIJ & St. Mary’s International School

[Update May 4, 2015: If you haven’t been reading Sylvia MacEachern’s encyclopedic blog exposing the Canadian Catholic church’s piss-poor protection of children from sexual abuse, there is much more there that SMIS victims are sharing.  The latest is an email from Brother Raymond Ducharme who is trying to get a victim to cut some slack for his rapist Brother Lawrence who had to take a tough vow of chastity, for chrissakes! (deep sarcasm)  It shows how self-referential, insular and possibly sociopathic the people who run St. Mary’s are. Ducharme does not think like a parent protecting a child, nor does he empathize with a vulnerable child being grossly violated by a trusted figure, nor can he express disgust like a regular person at the situation–let alone call the police.  

When thinking of that moment of rape, Ducharme shows he can only imagine how difficult it probably was for Brother Lawrence to keep his nasty dick in his pants, what with his lot having to forgo women, Japanese porn, “deal with the internet” etc!  Now, we can clearly see that St. Mary’s International School has been hiding behind the hetero-normative facade and rationale of an “all boys school”.  Problem solved: no temptation there.  None at all.  The boys of St. Mary’s have been the perfect cover for this den of vipers.  The best line was: “I think that there is a potential abuser in every person. Some people deal well with that problem, others don’t”.  (How about NOT allowing the ones that clearly don’t be Elementary Principal of a school full of children, you know, just in case!)  Just who is Ducharme referring to when talking about potential abusers?  Himself?  Other Brothers??  How many?  How common a trait “potential abuser” must be in Ducharme’s experience at SMIS to refer to it like eye-color: some have blue eyes, others don’t.  This asshole indulges his philosophy of merely errant men, instead of realizing the SERIOUS business of the school as legal protectors and educators, Locus Parentis, of children–and charging tons of money for it.  For $%^&* sake!!]

It’s been an interesting week reading the newspaper.  We found that our blog post from last week was duly corroborated point-by-point in the official media!

(Today) April 29, 2015 – The Japan Times officially releases an article detailing information surrounding the circumstances of rape that happened to the former St. Mary’s International School student 50 years ago.   Those calculating, psychopathic Brothers have known all along and have just sought to play out the erasure of community and corporate memory to bring back their rapist to several campuses and act like nothing wrong has happened. (Click on the article by Simon Scott, to read):

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.38.34 AM

  • Brother Lawrence’s contemporaries, including Headmasters who served into recent times, knew of the case 50 years ago, and knew of Brother Lawrence’s serious expulsion, yet they obviously brought him back to Japan just a couple of years later and even eventually installed him as Elementary Principal, leader of children (when the memory of the community was erased)
  • The Australian Embassy knew at the time
  • A doctor in Tokyo knew at the time
  • The “punishment” of (i.e. excuse to rape) the child was, in all probability, a planned routine of the Brothers to be done to the children in their charge!
  • 50 years ago Brother Lawrence threatened to rape the victim’s younger brother if he told anybody; today the school threatens a lawsuit if the victim tells anybody
  • Turns out, St. Mary’s has hired professional crisis managers, not “independent investigators”.  When asked to comment, these folks suddenly have nothing to say about this serious matter regarding children that their gilded brains and moral hearts have previously, “independently” championed (can there BE any worse examples of independent investigators?? what asshats!!)
  • Brother Lawrence lived and worked among Japanese children, who may have been preyed upon as well

April 24, 2015 – The Japan Times releases an article about the 13 women who have taken a stand against ASIJ admin.  The school has not released a report about decades of sexual abuse, presumably due to the overwhelming, damning evidence of their piss-poor standard of protecting children and even their passive complicity with the criminal, for the sake of upholding the school’s reputation.  (Click on the article by Tomohiro Osaki, to read:)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.01.11 AM

  • ASIJ admin have known since 1968 about these sexual abuse cases by a member of their staff
  • at least 48 cases have been reported, yet nothing was ever done
  • an untold number of Japanese students may have been victimized as well during Jack Moyer’s 1987-2003 island camps (=15 years of seclusion with children, away from parents and authority–like that ever made a difference)

You already know our major side-eye to the idea of even holding our breaths for these “independent investigation” reports to come out.

These twin articles brought to mind an issue that we have NOT dealt with well enough during the reporting of this:

The untold damage to Japanese children that these rapists, and their complicit employers must have inflicted.

Japan has been a hugely generous and gracious host country for these corporations–allowing them to flourish and reap trillions of yen in tuition over the years, literally enriching the lives of admin and teachers.  The idea that these admin; these supposed “stewards” of goodwill enabled the debasement of children, in a country with much less wherewithal and agency than even our vulnerable children, to speak up against this type of abuse, is nauseating.

But this is what St. Mary’s International School and the American School in Japan have done.  Furthermore, these schools are hiding much more.  We need to realize that the ONLY reason we know this much is because of the brave survivors who have come forward!  It is NOT to the credit of these schools to have done anything proactive.  They have been circuitously finding ways to stall, cover their asses, and only speak when absolutely forced to.  With decades-long cultures of enabling we can be sure there are MORE perpetrators and MORE victims. They must each, every one of these admin and teachers who have FAILED to speak up when they knew wrong was happening (including NOW), be held accountable.



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Bullshit Investigations: St. Mary’s and ASIJ admin fail

[Update–thank you for sharing this article far and wide on the web–we are nearing 50,000 visitors!  Talk about this.  Put it on the agenda.  End the institutional enabling of sexual abuse of kids from your alma mater!]

Last blog post, due to Headmaster Kagei’s empty and useless “update” on the investigation into sexual abuses at St. Mary’s International School, we wrote how we suspected this was a whole lot of PR-exercises to buy more time to secure next year’s tuitions and promote memory loss among the school community.  We didn’t even bother wasting memory space on our free blog to save the update letter / clutter.  But, who knew how right we would be: a much more significant letter has surfaced!  The school wants the community to believe in its investigation–that justice and help will come to victims who come forward.  Let’s see just what kind of “contract” they put in front of one victim to sign!

At ASIJ, that school’s admin had been shamed into launching an investigation earlier than St. Mary’s, but failed to hit its own report release date of “Fall 2014” and has no information going forward.  Half a year later, the 13 sexual abuse survivors who have bravely come forward are issuing their own update.

Let’s fill you in.

St. Mary’s: What Happens When Admin Get A Victim Behind Closed Doors

Loss of self-agency, abuse, lies, taking advantage.  I’m not even referring to when Brother Lawrence first sodomized his victim.  I’m referring to what happened when the TOP admin at St. Mary’s got the victim, now a man, in the room.


The above letter was procured by the irreplaceable Sylvia.  In it, the school tries to arrange an “agreement” with the victim to waive all his rights to any future civil or criminal action, or any publication in the media regarding the admitted sexual abuse against him by the school’s admin.  Sylvia does a thorough critical analysis of this agreement in this room absent any lawyers.  In her Canadian-ness, she wonders if in Japan, it’s even possible to make another person renounce their right to seek justice?  Well, we asked a judge in Yokohama.  Here is what he had to say:

“The constitution and the penal code take precedent over any agreement to waive the rights of an individual to seek justice or redress in criminal or civil court.  Such an agreement would be dismissed as a defence.”

Sylvia also notes from her contact with the victim, that the lawyer for St. Mary’s (or for anybody) wasn’t in the room.  He must’ve known it was bullshit.

So, this is how the school treated an abused former student who came forward.  Next?

Sylvia also documents these observations:

1. The victim is Jewish;
2. The victim’s father was an Australian diplomat;
3. The child was sodomised by Brother Lawrence Lambert fic in the SMIS chapel;
4. The boy was 11-years-old;
5. The boy was in the chapel eating what was for him a Kosher treat, rollmops – essentially pickled herring;
6. The child was warned that if he told anyone the same thing would be done to his little brother, also a student at the school;
8. The maid  saw the blood on the little boy’s underwear;
9. Brother John Paradis knew. That’s Brother John Paradis/Jean-Emile Paradis / Brother Paul Paradis headmaster at SMIS.

The first point is important to me, because at my most cynical, I can imagine that this evil man, Brother Lawrence, used ANY excuse to assuage his psychopathy.  He must have believed that if he raped a Jewish or non-Christian boy on this day (who knows who else he damaged on other days), Jesus would forgive him for at least causing damage to a non-believer.

Jewish and non-Christian parents, for that matter, all parents, don’t wait for any rapist-logic to single out your child!

Shall we additionally nitpick that in that “agreement” the school itself said it would block Brother Lawrence from any elementary, middle or high school child, but then promptly transferred him to the school corporation’s Shizuoka campus? What was the logic” there?  That Japanese children don’t matter?

They did it once, they can do it again.

ASIJ Admin: Trying to Keep the Door Closed

13 women, who survived sexual abuse as little girls, at the hands of former ASIJ staff Jack Moyers, over decades, have come forward in the past year to fully participate in the investigation that the ASIJ admin had been publicly petitioned into launching last year.  For those of us who may not grasp what it means to talk to the lawyers of the institution who belittled your cries for help, for the sake of progress:

“We participated in the Ropes & Gray interviews, revealed and relived our abuse before complete strangers, and shared our personal and painful stories. We did this because we, too, want the report to be as thorough and complete as possible.”


The survivors have always maintained that the ASIJ admin, over the (once again) decades, knew of this abuse and still chose to look away.  One can only assume this was in order to keep the reputation of the school and the abusive teacher, in tact.  The survivors hired their own counsel, O’Donnell Clark & Crew (of Portland Oregon), who were finally able to prove to Ropes & Gray and the school, with concrete evidence, these facts (among many more):

  • ASIJ learned of Moyer’s inappropriate behavior with young female students by at least 1968 and yet denied any knowledge of such for decades, extending as recently as its March 17, 2014 community announcement.
  • In the years that followed, ASIJ leaders – including but not limited to former Headmasters William Ricketson, Ray Downs, Peter Cooper, and Tim Carr, as well as former Principals Jack Collins, James Juergensen, and Robert Winer – received more than four dozen reports of Moyer’s ongoing sexual misconduct and abuse of ASIJ students.
  • Moyer confessed in writing to sexually abusing ASIJ students and specifically identified seven of us by name among the ranks of his victims.
  • ASIJ leaders concealed Moyer’s sexual abuse for more than forty years, and even after repeated warnings, did not take steps to remove Moyer or safeguard ASIJ students.

These are RECENT names, folks!  At St. Mary’s, Brother Lawrence was preying on the student body until 2013; ASIJ had sexual abuse enablers right up until last year!!

In light of this damning evidence, it’s no mystery why ASIJ has quietly missed its report deadline.  It’s pretty clear what they would have to write.  That’s no excuse, of course!  After all, what did they think was the point of an investigation?  To find the truth.  But, the ASIJ admin, like the St. Mary’s admin, can’t handle the truth.  In fact, they are doing their best to back out of this long and narrow dead end: the ASIJ’s admin have  responded that the survivors’ demands for “transparency” and “compensation” are causing (too) “significant…demands” on the school, thus being the ‘real’ cause of delay of the report.  Really.  You know what causes “significant demands” on a person?  Being raped.  Being sexually abused.  As a child.  And then remembering that shit.  Asking for transparency and compensation–it’s pretty standard!  What did they expect?

However, the survivors aren’t accepting the school’s rolling over and playing dead.

The survivors at ASIJ are demanding a report date of no later than July 1, 2015.  Once again, the alumna at ASIJ are setting an incredible precedent in organizing and setting a road map for the boys at St. Mary’s.  Visit their website, launched recently.  And sign their newest, almost 1,500 signature petition (incredible community organizing!!)  blog continues at the bottom:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.33.14 AM

Not one of the admin from either of these schools will get to continue their careers with a clean conscience until they learn to solve real problems.  All this idyllic imagery of the schools at their sports, intramurals, choirs, and fundraisers–you know what?  That could have been real, if the people in charge, at the time of the crimes, took out the trash and saved the souls of the students and of the school.  The admin now want current parents and students to believe that those were past issues, mistakes made by past admin!  But how different are they really, in soul and mettle, if they too refuse to solve difficult problems?  Until they prove they are different, these admin a-holes are showing that they would do exactly the same: sacrifice students to monsters for the sake of the school.  St. Mary’s and ASIJ, as we now know, have never deserved nor ever had spotless reputations–so why be delusional about carrying on as usual?

Btw, St. Mary’s “Top 10 reasons to go to St. Mary’s“?  They don’t include protection from sexual predators.

The dangers of wilful blindness:


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How to Ensure a Culture of Silence: Finance 101

When George Washington was offered a 3rd term as the first-ever President of the United States of America, he refused it citing that an indefinite power-grab would set a terrible precedent for a country that aimed to be democratic and open to progress.  And so the cap was set at 2 terms.

Unfortunately, this sunset clause fails to make it into the charter of most institutions, which instead aim to capitalize on expanding and entrenched power, forever and ever.  After all, it saves on start-up costs by already existing.  To win both ways, institutional PR will try to tell you two opposing things:

  1. That they are “stable” because of their size, age and “tried and true” policies
  2. But that they also have the resources and wisdom to be responsive to a changing world

It’s “win-win”!!  However, by definition, an institution defies change and progress: no “anomalous” person or event can ever change its course; it will not mutate; it will not adapt.

To keep up the public face of  “balancing stability and responsiveness”, the institution, say, an international school in a poorly regulated, isolated educational context, would make sure to have it “both ways”.  For instance, they would put teachers on one-year renewable contracts with no contribution to the Japanese pension plan–in order to fire any teacher at their discretion, but, also renew other teachers over and over at their discretion–for the overall semblance of rewarding good work with job security.  However, because there is no real job market to speak of when people are on specific working visas, there cannot be a real meritocracy.  Teachers are therefore totally financially dependent on the school.

As a private institution, you’re thinking, maybe a school admin can do what they want!  Sure.  But, sometimes standard labor laws don’t allow them to have it both ways–as Ms. Tran looked into.  If they did have free-rein both ways, it would wreak havoc on individual lives financially, whose cost society sometimes has to pick up.  A lesser known example: St. Mary’s didn’t pay unemployment insurance at the time it willfully made Ms. Tran unemployed in Tokyo–she had to demand it. Hence, laws.

So, what about the manoeuvres of an institution in a totally different case like this one dealing with child rape at St. Mary’s International School?

No change.  There is no real will or motivation for the administration to own or admit the fact that they had a child rapist among them–by this I mean hold this to the criminal standard that society has already dictated in law.  Doing so would invite financial ruin.  Instead, we’ve seen them shuffle their rapist to an unknowing Japanese community of children, then back to Canada, in another jurisdiction where everyone could then conveniently wash their hands of the whole thing.  That is exactly what an institution would do and what this one did.  Of course.  So, when we see this recent update from Kagei, we have to see it for the banal, “keep the course” drivel that it is.  This response would seem appropriate if it were from some pro-active neighboring school in Setagaya, wanting to assure parents that their institution has got NOTHING to do with this horrendous mess at St. Mary’s down the street.  But it’s actually from St. Mary’s International School: the “tried and true” institution, that by its very nature and policies, actively harbored and smuggled a rapist of our children, and countless others who sexually abused them, and now wants us to believe that it is earnestly searching for the one right thing to do to make it all better!  Please.

Parents, alumni, is our institutional nostalgia so impoverished that we can’t be generous enough to support the most vulnerable among us?  We are not an institution–we do have the flexibility to progress.  Let’s not be blind or naive to an institution’s bias to quietly keep course at all costs.  A progressive response from them is patently impossible.  Especially with this administration…

*    *    *

Recently, a former SMIS dad, who is now an investment banker in Antwerp, reminded us of this little thread of thought that made us think even more deeply about how institutions and their long-time staff become an “entrenched”, obstinate bunch:

In the Japanese Real Estate and Stock Bubble of the 1980s, banks were just lending, lending, lending at low interest rates, with easy credit checks, pushing up the land prices so high, that at one point, all of Japan was worth 4 times the land value of all of mainland USA, even though it was barely the size of California.

We wonder what St. Mary’s did with all that available credit?  As a large non-profit with an educational mandate, did it borrow to give the students a world class education?  Not that we remember: everything was pretty stuck in the 50s and 60s, same rotting textbooks, nasty carpeting and no air-con, until the new campus in the late-2000s, parents had to pay for every extra thing or raise money through events.  So, did the school just pass up that major era of easy credit?

Maybe not:

It would have been really easy for a non-profit to get in on the real estate craze.  It could have borrowed using its credit and then lent money to its staff to buy houses (i.e. foreigners and their wives with no bank credit).  It could even have made a profit by charging higher interest to its staff than what it paid to the bank.  Since the repayments and interest to the school would be deducted via salary expenses, all this would have been invisible to an auditor.  Unless this non-profit had a bank charter, it would have been illegal to lend money in these amounts, never mind make interest profit that is undeclared, hidden and expensed under the guise of, say, operating a school…

The title of the houses would have been in the non-profit’s name until the foreign staff paid enough of the equity down.  The foreign staff wouldn’t know any better anyway, as they would likely have gotten some altered, in-house, translated version of the mortgage contract.  In this arrangement, a co-dependency of longevity ensures that staff are now entrenched in the institution.  Child abuse?  DUI?  Poor skills?  Uncertified?  Lazy?  Can’t understand whenever they speak?  Doesn’t matter if this staff still owes the institution money, payable with their salary in a #humancentipede.

So, in this interweb of financial obligations, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to see the same hardened crust of staff and admin decade in, decade out, all shilling for an institution as if they were indebted to it.

Oh, wait.

Apparently, this may not be hypothetical at all, and a list of mortgagees exists!  If our network of financially savvy former parents can find the time to dig into this, we’d totally be interested!

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The End of a Culture of Silence?

This message reached the school community yesterday:

Picture 25

Needless to say, we are all shocked.  While this is not related to the purpose of the blog, in our course of contributing to it over the years, we have encountered several alumni who have followed these court cases, who have expressed regret over not having said more about transgressions they felt occurred during their time at the school.  While we can’t help them, we can’t imagine anyone keeping such a horrible secret for so long.  We at least hoped to demonstrate that bringing things to light can happen.  If you are an alumnus, please share this blog post in the case it may reach a person who really needs to know.  The shortlink is: http://wp.me/pn26e-9L

The implications of this letter are terrible, but at least they have opened the door for a victim or more victims to speak out about one of the hardest things to talk about.  As well, other (past, dispersed) members of the community may feel urgency and occasion to express concern, outrage, or sadness.  We wanted to help and offer the Forum page (at the top of the homepage) for people to write what they think about this matter.  In the past month, we’ve seen a sudden surge of readership and realized that many people concerned about the school community are sharing this blog on Facebook.  We will publish any comment except for profanity and personal attacks.  You can contribute anonymously.  Unfortunately, we cannot help with unfounded accusations.  If you are a victim of a crime, then we encourage you to speak to the police like this one did and cite this case (they have English interpreters).

While we applaud the full-disclosure and proactive response of the current Head Master, waiting for information when it’s clear that many of our children have been under the care and leadership of the alleged perpetrator, in recent times, is an unsettling prospect.  We personally do not feel the school counselors are qualified nor adequate in numbers to deal with a case of this gravity and potentially this many concerns.    There is nothing more important than the safety of the students.  We agree: no need to be alarmist until the facts are in.  But, if such a letter is going to be issued, then let’s talk about it!  The school would be wise to offer a school-wide dialogue about this.  Full knowledge of the extent of this allegation will come in time, but what a bomb to drop in the meantime, Mr. Head Master (!)  Thank you (?)

[Update: upon reading the letter to parents again, it looks like Br. L is prohibited from making any contact with the kids, but it doesn’t say that he was removed from campus, where he lives.  (So, it’s as if he has a cold.)  It’s also been suggested that Br. Michel actually learned that a boy was seriously sexually assaulted in the past, in August of 2013 when he handed the reins to Mr. Kagei, making this January 2014 announcement by the school administration disingenuous: “recent days”.  It also doesn’t make sense that the Archdiocese would be allowed to interfere with a police, criminal investigation.  This makes us doubt that there is one. ]

Some timely headlines: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26044852

UN to Vatican


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